Precision aviation relocates to Jerome County Airport

Jerome County Airport (KJER) in south central Idaho, about 10 miles north of Twin Falls, is to become the new home for Precision Aviation.

The aircraft charter and aviation services business is relocating its operations from nearby Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional Airport over the coming months. It has ambitious plans to invest around US$1.4 million in two facilities and leased ground at Jerome County and will expand its services to include a fixed-base operation for aircraft refuelling, hangar rental, car rental and concierge services.

Precision Aviation initially started up at Jerome County’s airport in 2002, but the decision to relocate all of its operations to this location will help “promote growth to our airport and our community,” said Justine McMillan, Jerome County Airport’s manager.

The airport has plans to resurface the runway to make it thicker for heavier aircraft and plans to extend the runway by at least 500 feet.

Precision Aviation’s owner, Mark Doerr, added that the additional fuel sales will help attract small business jets to Jerome County.

Written by: Chloe Greenbank

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