Britten-Norman takes Islander to China

Britten-Norman signed a contract earlier this week with a major Beijing-based aviation business to bring the UK manufacturer’s Islander Aircraft to the Chinese market.

The agreement between Britten-Norman and the Beijing Fangyuan General Aviation Co. will see the latter actively promote and sell the Islander to small, regional airlines with a need for a portfolio of aircraft types to meet short-haul, high-frequency demands.

The agreement will also support BFGA in its ambition to further grow China’s general aviation business.

The Islander is one of Europe’s most successful and enduring designs as a multi-role, high frequency, short-haul platform. It can operate in some of the world’s harshest environments, including all terrain operations from unprepared surfaces as short as 350m.

Britten-Norman’s chief executive, William Hynett, said: “China is one of the few countries in the world that has yet to enjoy the benefits that the Islander and its associated equipment has to offer, and as such we are very pleased to be entering into this new agreement. Beijing Fangyuan General Aviation Co Ltd has a proven reputation and track record in the region and a strong desire to grow the general aviation business in China.

“Initial signs are already very positive and with BFGA’s support we are hoping to turn this early interest into positive sales. We also hope that over time we can further evolve our relationship into a distribution agreement and long-term partnership for the supply of Islanders into the region.”


Written by: Mark Thomas

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