Toca Boca and Sago Mini now on Singapore Airlines

Children’s brand Toca Boca and sister company Sago Mini, are now available on Singapore Airlines.

Children flying on SIA can play Toca Kitchen 2, as well as Toca Cars, Toca Builders, Toca Nature and Toca Life: Town, while the younger set can explore several Sago Mini games: Babies, Planes, Road Trip, Robot Party and Toolbox, all free of charge.

“Anyone who has travelled with children knows that keeping them entertained on the plane is a high priority. We are thrilled to offer millions of people worldwide one less thing to plan for during the hectic lead-up to a trip,” said Caroline Ingeborn, COO & president of Toca Boca. “Each of our apps has a high replay value, which means kids love coming back to them—perfect for a long flight. We are excited to introduce families to Toca Boca’s commitment to play through innovation, quality and inclusion.”

Toca Boca will continue to partner with select airlines to provide quality entertainment to travelling kids and families.

Written by: Alexander Preston

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