FIA2018: Arralis introduces new Ka band phased array aircraft antenna

Arralis has released its low profile Ka band phased array antenna into the commercial aircraft market.

According to Arralis its compact, lightweight and aerodynamic Ka band phased array antennas, need no stabilisation requirements, are 400% smaller than their Ku band counterparts and are made specifically with airliners and business jets in mind.

This new product sits within Arralis’ family of versatile communications for space, aerospace, transportable and on-the-move applications.

According to Gary Soul, the Arralis VP of Business Development, “We have in essence developed the technology that allows users to continuously track and communicate with Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites in a form that can be easily integrated onto aircraft. Fleet operators, network providers and platform users should be very pleased with this innovative technology and the attendant economies of scale that volume production should allow.”

Written by: Alexander Preston

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