Meet the team


Meet our specialist team

Mark Howells

Managing Director


• Is Co-Founder and Managing Director

• Is quietly confident that this year he will finally see his boyhood club, Liverpool,
become champions

• Has over 20 years of experience in the media sector with unrivalled expertise in
aviation media, contract publishing and intelligence services

Mark’s top travel tip:

Resist the temptation to line up at the gate before boarding begins – it won’t make the crew begin the process any sooner and will mean that when you do get onto the plane you’ll have achy legs!

Becky Howells

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer


• Is queen of motivational messages and will eventually convince you of their
power, however stoically grumpy you may be!

• Has worked in the aviation industry since the age of 21, with former roles seeing
her manage ACI EUROPE’s Communiqué Airport Business magazine and later
develop the association’s Conferences and Exhibitions programme

• Is a keen – and extremely competitive! – netball player

Becky’s top travel tip:

If you’re travelling as part of a group, choose the most responsible person and put them in charge of keeping hold of everybody’s passports. You wouldn’t believe how many people leave their passports in the baggage handling trays or at the tills in duty free!

Chloe Greenbank

Regional Gateway Editor


• Is Editor of the Regional Gateway Portfolio

• Has landed in the middle of Central Africa in the cockpit of a Boeing 737

• Has two decades of editing and reporting for aviation magazines under her belt

• Has been thrown by a silverback gorilla in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (true

Chloë’s top travel tip:

No matter where you're visiting or why, make sure you get up for at least one sunrise and go for an early morning explore! You'll avoid the crowds and it's a great time to meet the locals.

Gideon Ewers

RotorHub International Editor


• Is Editor of RotorHub International

• Has worked in aviation for over 30 years (gulp!)

• Worked at Flight International, edited ERA’s Regional Report, as well as Communique Airport Business and the Airport Operator, held a number of positions at IFALPA concluding as Director. He is an accredited accident Investigator

• As a pilot, experience spans from Piper Cubs to A380s. Basically he’s older than dirt

• Regular commentator on Sky News, CBS and the BBC on aviation matters

• The rest of the time you can find him playing with his boat or pursuing a little ball round a field and hitting it with a variety of sticks

Gideon’s top travel tip:

Looking out the window is the best IFE

Satu Dahl

Inflight Editor


• Over a career spanning almost 20 years, Satu has edited several aviation magazines and held management roles with the European Regions Airline Association, Real Response Media and Travel Radar

• Like all of us, she is a keen traveller, citing cities – the bigger the better! – as her destination type of choice

Satu's top travel tip:

Always carry lip balm, a bottle of water and mints with you when you’re flying, especially on long-haul flights!

Lucy Powell

LARA Editor


• Is the Assistant Editor of the LARA portfolio

• Whilst new to the aviation industry, has experience writing for the industrial manufacturing industry, editing for independent press publications, and writing science-fiction and fantasy book reviews in her spare time

• Has been known to trek up and down the country with a bow, sword, or suit of armour in tow (all of which garner some interesting looks on public transport)

• Loves to play tabletop boardgames and gets very competitive about them!

Lucy's top travel tip:

Always pack some fluffy socks or a spare blanket on your travels. You never know when you might need it (especially when someone on the flight decides to turn up the aircon to max!)

Shelley Potts

Sales Manager, RotorHub International


• Is Sales Manager for the RotorHub International portfolio

• Has a different perspective of the Paris Airshow to most, having flown over it in a Sikorsky S76

• Used to work for Helicopter World, a previous incarnation of RotorHub International

• Is three times British Youth Judo Champion!

Shelley’s top travel tip:

Don’t forget your emergency hairspray, because however short that walk from the gate to the aircraft is, the wind will get to it!

Michael Smith

Senior Media Sales Executive


• Media Sales Executive for Inflight

• Goes climbing every week

• Loves travelling to the South of France

• Proud owner of a Wire Haired Dachshund

Michael's top travel tip:

Always get to the airport early, make sure you have time to sit down and have a good breakfast!

Callum Matthews

Media Sales Executive


• Media Sales Executive for LARA

• Aims to walk 10,000 steps daily - daily average for 2021 was 15,500 per day

• Massive football and Aston Villa fan - Doesn't believe there’s such thing as a ‘friendly’ kick-about with mates

Callum's top travel tip:

If travelling with just hand luggage and need to carry liquid more than 100ml, order a ‘click and collect’ Boots Pharmacy order and grab it at the airport

Steve Lodewyke

Production Consultant


• Is Production and Design Editor

• Is a keen fly-fisherman and sloe gin distiller

• Has more than 37 years of experience editing consumer and business
publications, market-leading specialist titles, customer magazines and trade journals

• Will get more words than you in any crossword – always!

Paul Firth

Graphic Designer


• Is our Graphic Designer, working across all four media portfolios

• Boasts perhaps the most adventurous sporting hobby of us all – wakeboarding!

• Has held design roles in the banking, automotive and media industries

• Paul is a qualified tennis coach with a competitive spirit and a stinging backhand –
game, set and match!

Paul’s top travel tip:

Resist the temptation to spend the whole flight engrossed in the inflight entertainment, otherwise you’ll have square eyes and a pounding headache by the end of it!

Matthew Wilson

Production Editor


• Has always been a cat person but became a dog person during lockdown thanks to regular country walks in the company of Heidi, the hungriest black Labrador in Henley-on-Thames

• Was once informed by the Nectar app on his phone that he was the number one purchaser of Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells at the nearby Sainsbury’s local

• Has never seen a ghost or had any other supernatural experience but thinks he might have heard “ghost music” during a visit to Pompeii

• Studied philosophy at university and can highly recommend the closing paragraphs of Wittgenstein’s obscure-sounding Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Matthew's top travel tip:

Never leave home without a good book to hand. Preferably one that doesn’t need batteries

Fiona Fraser

Graphic Designer


• Has a degree in graphic design with a passion for editorial – brand new to the world of aviation

• Loves camping and is always planning another trip

• Has trained to be a judo master

Fiona's top travel tip:

Take a pillow to sit on – you will appreciate it after a few hours

Anne Wallace

Marketing Operations Lead


• Has aviation in her blood as her Dad was in the RAF for his National Service and worked at the Pyestock site doing secret squirrel aircraft engine testing and she was an Air Cadet and loved everything that involved.

• Loves camping and will always have a camping trip booked in as something to look forward to

• Is an accidental collector of gin, so much so that she had to buy a cupboard especially to store them all in

Anne's top travel tip:

If you are checking a hold bag in, keep a complete change of clothes in your cabin bag, just in case your hold bag goes missing.

Rosie Cartwright

Marketing Communications Lead


• Studied business and marketing at University and has spent 3 years so far in marketing roles
• Likes to paint
• Is a Southampton FC fan but after the 22/23 season she doesn’t want to talk about it
• Can name any Pokémon from an image

Rosie’s top travel tip:

Always always always take out travel insurance!


A wealth of experience across publishing, editorial coverage and event management

The HMG Aerospace team provides a wealth of experience across publishing, editorial coverage and event management. Hover over the images below for more information on team members based in the UK office. We also have a network of regular editorial contributors and event representatives located around the globe.