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The Industry Insight: Suppliers delves deep into the heart of organisations striving to provide optimal solutions for airports serving regional and low-fare air traffic.

A person using a laptop featuring Rezcomm's integrated ecommerce solution for airports

Kimberley Young takes time out with Rezcomm’s CEO, Marc Ive, to find out how its ecommerce solutions are helping airports boost non-aeronautical revenues.

Marc Ive CEO of Rezcomm


What is the drive behind Rezcomm?

We started working with airports in 2006, to develop an airport-centric online travel agency (OTA) with the aim of creating a direct booking channel for customers to search and book travel arrangements via the airport’s website.

Since then, we have seen a rapid evolution in the expectations of online customers, who now demand a more joined-up user experience, tailored to their specific needs and which considers every touchpoint of their journey pre- and post-travel. This requires a much more holistic approach to ecommerce and digital engagement, and remains at the centre of the solutions we have developed at Rezcomm.

Typically, airports know less than 5% of the passengers passing through their terminals every day – a real problem when you’re trying to build loyalty and have non-aeronautical sales targets to meet.


What does Rezcomm offer in the airport sector?

We enable airports to connect with their passengers at every stage of the journey with our integrated digital platform. We merge sales and marketing tools to help maximise ancillary revenue and gain crucial insight into customer behaviours.

Our solution has several features, including: ‘Shop’ which allows any product to be sold online through our white label marketplace solution, such as Car Parking. The new solution enables clients to streamline internal workflows and also get to know their passengers and understand what drives buying behaviour.

All passenger data gathered from Rezcomm and non-Rezcomm sources is collated in our ‘Engage’ module, where our visualised reporting suite enables airports to access all the data they need. From here, all communications with passengers are organised and executed, enabling digital engagement with customers in real time.


How do Rezcomm’s products work and how does the software help to streamline airport operations and capture insights, while improving the customer experience?

Our cloud-based platform boasts over 100 third party integrations to maximise efficiency, reduce cost and increase revenue. The built-in data warehouse enables real-time visibility of current and future car park and executive lounge occupancy, as well as forecasted revenue. It also acts as a central repository from which authorised users can manage and report on collected data.

Clients can create products, manage tariffs, generate promotional codes and forecast capacities easily and quickly, and reports can be run based on any combination of fields captured by the system. This, coupled with a high degree of automation, increases efficiency and allows for smarter, reactive decision-making.

The fully optimised customer-booking journey is simple and intuitive to use and offers useful cross-sell and up-sell products to enhance their experience, as well as the necessary instructions and vouchers on their chosen device to facilitate seamless and convenient access of airport services.


How does Rezcomm use data and business intelligence (BI) to help personalise the customer experience and provide insights into trends?

By collating all that data into one place, the airport can build up a profile of each individual; their preferences and potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Using advanced segmentation, our clients design targeted marketing campaigns which produce excellent ROI due to their personalised nature.

Gaining a better understanding of trends is possible with our BI tools that allow for any parameter to be reported on and visualised. For example, a map is used to visualise locations customers are travelling from, answering demographic questions through visualisations that allow for targeting geographic areas to access untapped sources of revenue.


What challenges do airports (particularly small to medium-sized ones) face in trying to unlock non-aeronautical revenue?

Small to medium airports are often constrained by space, allowing for fewer concessionaires within the terminal, but perhaps the biggest challenge is cost and resource. Smaller airports often operate tighter budgets than their larger cousins, and priority is given to making sure the airport operates effectively rather than maximising its revenues. This is where a low-cost, low-risk third party SaaS solution such as Rezcomm can allow the airport to delegate the burden of selling online to the platform, leaving staff free to ensure operations are running smoothly.


With the booking and reservations software now serving more than a ¼ billion passengers worldwide, what does the Exeter, UK-based Rezcomm have in the pipeline for 2019?

We’re on a mission to expand our business globally and have recently announced the opening of our first office in the US to support our business development efforts there. We’re also ramping up our operations in Europe, Asia and other key territories, in response to client demand.

This year we’ll be launching our new Travel module packed full of new features with even more products on sale than before.

We’re also focusing on a variety of new user-experience-led developments, embracing the likes of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to push boundaries, with some exciting projects underway that will transform how airports engage and sell online in the future.


Image inset: Marc Ive, CEO of Rezcomm. (© Guy Newman 27-10-2017)