WestJet flies high with new FLX Shop & Price technology

WestJet has partnered with Farelogix to enable next-generation dynamic pricing with FLX Shop & Price – a purpose-built shopping and pricing engine.

Designed to handle New Distribution Capability (NDC)-aligned shopping, offer creation, fare and pricing requirements, FLX Shop & Price will deliver substantial cost-saving opportunities for WestJet thanks to its dynamic pricing strategies and significantly improved response times.

It’s already in production for a number of travel agencies and technology providers that are shopping and booking WestJet content via WestJet Direct, the airline’s Level 2 NDC-certified API solution powered by Farelogix.

“WestJet is the first airline in production with the FLX Shop & Price solution, following our launch of this technology last year,” said Jim Davidson, chief executive officer of Farelogix.

The world of NDC requires airlines to have complete flexibility and scalability to accommodate dynamic search requests from OTAs, meta search providers, and agencies. The full control over offers and the ability to accommodate large search volumes without impacting performance or incurring costly look to book fees, is the proof in the pudding that FLX Shop & Price delivers on these requirements.

By taking control of its offer using next-generation technology for shopping, WestJet is better positioned to compete for customers, react to competition and improve revenue management through dynamic pricing strategies. It’s great to see an innovative airline like WestJet work towards being a single source of truth for its offers.

Jim Davidson, chief executive officer of Farelogix.

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