Visby Airport is fossil free

Swedavia’s Visby Airport has been declared entirely fossil-free. The announcement follows years of efforts at the airport to lower its carbon footprint. Projects have included the electrification of its vehicles and a move to biofuels.

As an airport operator, Swedavia’s objective is to have entirely fossil-free operations at all 10 of its airports by 2020 at the latest. Visby Airport has hit its target two years ahead of this deadline.

“There is a great transformation underway in the transport sector right now, with reduced fossil carbon dioxide emissions being a top priority,” said Gunnar Jonasson, Visby’s airport director. “Visby Airport is a large enterprise that uses many vehicles and equipment as well as a lot of energy to enable air transport to and from the island of Gotland. It’s a major achievement that our operations at the airport are now entirely fossil-free. I am very proud,” he continued.

Over the past decade, fossil fuel emissions at Visby have decreased from about 300 tonnes per year to zero. All vehicles at the airport site that were running on fossil fuel, including fire trucks and snow removal vehicles, have been replaced. Energy consumption has also fallen steadily at the airport with electricity obtained from green or renewable sources. Swedavia also purchases biofuel for its employees when they travel on official business.

Swedavia is committed to Sweden’s aviation sector being fossil-free by 2045. It is involved in work to facilitate large-scale use of biofuel in aviation. Its objective is to make domestic air transport in Sweden fossil-free by 2030 and international air transport from Sweden fossil-free by 2045.

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