San Francisco Airport shops to cut prices for federal employees.

In light of the continuing debacle in the US where the federal government shutdown is reaching historic levels for its duration, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is urging its airport shops and restaurants to offer a 50% discount to federal employees, who continue to work at the airport without pay.

In return, SFO will adjust its fee structure to protect voluntarily participating concession operators from any financial impact on this discounted offer.

Commenting on the scheme, airport director, Ivar C. Satero said: “This programme demonstrates how our airport community comes together to support one another.

Our goal is to ease the financial hardship on federal government employees at SFO who are personally affected by this government shutdown. We appreciate the work of our airport concessions, and we will continue to seek out ways to help our affected teammates.

Affected employees

Federal employees currently working at SFO without pay as a result of the federal government shutdown include air traffic controllers and related staff, Customs & Border Protection officers, and staff working within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The latter oversees the Screening Partnership Programme, in which security screening services are contracted to qualified private companies. Those non-federal employees working for private companies, such as Covenant Aviation Services, which employs around 1,2000 workers in security screening services at SFO have continued to receive pay during the government shutdown.

In addition to offering a 50% discount within its shops and restaurants, SFO is also providing resource sheets to help affected workers access assistance services. The airport’s Business and Career Centre will also offer “Shutdown Support” drop-in hours where affected workers can meet with specialists on managing unexpected financial challenges.

Support from Seattle

The Port of Seattle is also working hard to support federal workers and maintain normal operations during the partial government shutdown. It relies heavily on federal partners – including TSA officers for security screening, Customs and Border Protection officers and air traffic controllers.

Last week the Port coordinated a resources fair for those employees affected by the partial government shutdown. It provided a platform for providers of short term loans and employee assistance programmes as well as others others to assist those affected and help them learn about the assistance and services available.

Members of the public can also help support these employees by dropping off donations at the Sea-Tac Conference Centre, which is located at the south end of the airport’s mezzanine level.

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