Ryanair opens base at Bordeaux Airport

Ryanair has opened a new base at Bordeaux Airport with three based aircraft representing an investment of $300 million.

Ryanair’s new base in Bordeaux, it’s second French base, will deliver 37 routes connecting 14 countries, and up to 86 weekly flights.

The airline also expects its new base will deliver 1.4 million customers per annum at Bordeaux Airport.

“When Ryanair opens a base in Bordeaux, it invests in its development,” commented Pascal Personne, chairman of Bordeaux Airport calling it a “mark of obvious confidence in the dynamism of the neo-Aquitaine territory.”

Personne continued: “Ryanair’s anchorage in Bordeaux is a real boost from an economic and tourist point of view. The overall flight offer now includes 37 routes to 14 countries, including winter. No less than 25 new routes will be opened this year, reinforcing the 12 already existing routes.”

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary added: “We are pleased to open our second French base in Bordeaux, with three based aircraft (an investment of $300m), and 37 routes, delivering 1.4m customers p.a., creating 100 Ryanair pilot and cabin crew jobs and supporting 1,000 airport jobs.”

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