GSP celebrates opening two FBO hangars

Greenville Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) has recently celebrated the opening of two new hangars with its fixed-base operator Cerulean Aviation.

The $14.5 million project includes a new 20,000 sq.ft. corporate hangar and a 34,000 sq.ft. bulk storage hangar to house corporate aircraft.

GSP launched Cerulean Aviation in January 2017 to provide personalised aircraft ground support and fuelling services for both general and commercial aviation – the new hangars will support the company’s focus on general aviation.

“These new hangar facilities reinforce our mission to provide convenient and user-friendly services to support air transportation in the Upstate,” said Dave Edwards, GSP’s president and CEO. “The project also helps us extend additional customer service to those using our fixed-base operator services.”

Eleven corporate jets belonging to companies across the Upstate will be housed in the bulk storage hangar.

Michelin North America is one company using Cerulean’s services and is utilising the corporate hangar, with Joanie Martin, chief administrative officer saying: “As a mobility company, our core mission at Michelin is to give people a better way forward.

“That’s why we appreciate good corporate partners like GSP and their commitment to improving mobility for the Upstate.”

Written by: Kimberley Young

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