Greek regional airports to benefit from Sky Express’ expanded network

The Greek regional carrier, Sky Express, which is headquartered in Athens and which currently serves 28 destinations is expanding its Greek network this summer with four new domestic destinations.

Alexandroupolis, Kefalonia, Lesvos and Samos will all benefit from twice daily flights from the Greek capital with Athens-Alexandroupolis and Athens-Kefalonia routes starting in May and the Athens-Mytilini (Lesvos) and Athens-Samos routes starting in July.

According to Sky Express’ CEO, Harry Botsaris, Sky Express is on a mission “to expand its presence and strengthen even more its position in the Greek aviation market.”

Adding that the airline is integral to the success of the country’s tourism sector, Botsaris added “we connect all corners of Greece to meet the needs of the local communities, thus contributing to the development of tourism.”

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