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Digital interpreters trialled in Finnish Airports

Finnish airport operator Finavia will pilot a virtual interpreting service at its Helsinki and Rovaniemi airports to help passengers and service providers to cross potential language barriers.

The Finnish mobile interpretation service Tulka, and Finavia, which operates the 21 Finnish airports, have launched the project in Helsinki airport, which serves a number of low-fare carriers, and the regional airport in Rovaniemi.

The interpretation service will be tested in different customer service situations by sales and service personnel on tablet computers, particularly with Chinese and Russian customers as part of Finavia’s focus on providing a gateway between Europe and Asia.

“Finavia’s aim is to provide its customers with innovative world-class services. Tulka allow us to contact a professional interpreter within seconds in the form of sound and image” said Heikki Koski, Helsinki airport’s vice president.

The project aims to find out the benefits of interpretation between passengers and service providers at airports, and analyse the effect of customer experience on customer numbers and sales volumes.

The service providers participating in the pilot project are Budget-Avis, Vantaa Taxi, World of Delights Helsinki, Marimekko, Iittala, WDFG Helsinki and Finavia customer service at Helsinki Airport and Rovaniemi Airport.

Launched in July, the pilot will run until the end of 2017 with decisions on whether to continue the service to be made after the pilot has ended.

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