Costa Rica invests in modernisation of South zone aerodromes

The airfields of San Isidro and Palmar Sur have recently received improvement works as part of wider aims to strengthen the revival of tourism and the local economy in the South Zone of Costa Rica.

The San Isidro airfield improvement works were delivered in Pérez Zeledón with an investment exceeding 346 million in Costa Rican Colón (CRC).

The improvements included a parking platform built for two Type B aircraft and a passenger terminal, with adequate space for users, passengers and operators.

San Isidro aerodromeThe resources were contributed by the Civil Aviation Technical Council (CETAC) and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) which have invested a total of CRC6,910 million in the southern zone in order to improve the airports of Pérez Zeledón, Palmar Sur, Golfito and Drake.

“The Southern Zone is able to move towards progress, this through growth opportunities, such as the remodelling of the area’s airfields. This effort adds to the modernisation of Palmar Sur, Golfito and Drake Aerodrome,” said President Carlos Alvarado, after assuring that “this is the route to boost tourism and the local economy.”

Director General of Civil Aviation, Guillermo Hoppe said the conclusion of another airport infrastructure project gives “important support to the national aviation industry, tourism and diversification and revival of the economy, in this case of Pérez Zeledón, which will benefit the country.”

He added: “this is an effort to improve connectivity in all regions of the national territory, aimed at investing in infrastructure improvement, focused on safety, customer service, resource optimisation, continuous improvement and innovation.”

The investment in Pérez Zeledón adds to those made in Palmar Sur, Golfito and Drake.

Drake saw the expansion and improvement of the runway, modern terminal, construction of a station platform for three aircraft and improvement of security strips and perimeter mesh.

The Golfito airfield saw the remodelling and expansion of the existing terminal for the convenience of tourists, passengers and operators in addition to the improvement of the airstrip.

Most recently, Palmar Sur completed the reconstruction of the structure of the runway, remodelling and extension of the terminal, vehicle parking as well as improvement of safety strips, horizontal demarcation and the lighting of the runway.

Aerodrome Palmar Sur

The investment exceeded CRC1,450 million, and a second stage is currently in progress consisting of the award for the security of the security strips – an investment of more than CRC500 million.

Hoppe commented: “The improvement of this local airport will result in the growth of the country’s tourism and aeronautical industry, improve the population’s economy and facilitate expedited access to the region.”

Image and first image inset: The improvement works of the San Isidro airfield were delivered in Pérez Zeledón. (Photo Julieth Méndez, Presidential House)
Second image inset: Investments at Palmar Sur Aerodrome included a new, modern terminal.

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