Blackbushe Airport celebrates deregistration of common-land status

Located in Hampshire, in the UK, Blackbushe Airport has welcomed the decision of the Planning Inspectorate to grant an application to deregister the active aerodrome from Yateley Common.

Yateley Common, which includes part of the aerodrome, was registered as common land in 1975. However, the airport’s current owners believe the land at Blackbushe Airport was wrongly registered as common land because the airport’s terminal building and clubhouse have been in existence prior to and after 1967 (when the airport was provisionally registered).

The recent decision in favour of Blackbushe Airport to deregister the aerodrome from Yateley Common brings an end to five decades of uncertainty regarding the airport’s future. With the airport in need of substantial investment, the Planning Inspectorate’s decision now paves the way for a new era of development at Blackbushe.

The airport’s current owners, who purchased the facility in 2015, have an ambitious vision to see Blackbushe developed as a general aviation centre of excellence supporting small aviation businesses as well as services for the local community and employment opportunities. Proposed improvements will include the development of existing infrastructure alongside new hangars and other aviation buildings.

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