Wizz Air increases July load factor despite surge in capacity

Wizz Air has managed to grow its load factor by 1.1 percentage points from 91.6% in July 2014 to 92.7% in July 2015 even whilst it increased capacity by 19% across the respective periods from 1,786,320 seats to 2,122,740 seats.Passenger numbers thus outgrew capacity, rising by 20% from 1,635,941 in July 2014 to 1,966,776 in July 2015.Figures for the past twelve months on a rolling basis (to the end of July in the respective years) show similarly healthy growth, with a capacity increase of 18% from 17,116,560 seats to 20,207,520 against a 20% increases in passenger numbers from 14,735,343 to 17,638,877, which has resulted in a 1.2 percentage point increase in load factor from 86.1% to 87.3%.

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