Widerøe implementing AMOS MRO software

Widerøe has chosen AMOS from Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) as its IT solution for maintenance operations and is implementing the technology in Bode.

Currently the key users at Widerøe are going through a mixture of intensive training and workshop sessions. From the start of the project Widerøe has monitored its data migration in order to avoid any bottlenecks later on due to this critical project issue.

After the summer break Widerøe’s project team, together with the business experts from Swiss-AS, will define future MRO processes. After that, end-user training, functional and operational system acceptance, data consistency checks, and so on will follow. This will ultimately lead to the AMOS Go-Live scheduled for March 2011.

AMOS will be implemented “as is”, meaning that only basic customisations have to be implemented. Though Widerøe, with the involvement of the SAS Group, had launched a solid evaluation process including RFI/RFP/presentations, no major customisations of AMOS have been identified, with the IT solution fitting the requirements of Widerøe.

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