WestJet offers expanded TSA PreCheck capability

WestJet has announced that eligible passengers departing from US airports will now be able to receive the TSA PreCheck designation using web, mobile and kiosk check-in.

Until now, only eligible travellerswho received their boarding passes at WestJet counters could use the programme, which offers a less-intrusive search when departing from US airports.

“This next step is very important for our guests, particularly those who make use of one of our many self-serve options,” explained Ed Baklor, WestJet senior vice-president, guest experience. “The ability to check in, add your known traveller number and have your TSA PreCheck designation embedded in the barcode of your electronic boarding pass will make the security experience much more efficient, especially for business travellers and other frequent flyers.”

To be eligible, customers must be registered with TSA PreCheck, one of four US Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveller programmes. When using one of the programme's dedicated security lanes, TSA PreCheck members can leave their shoes, belt, or light jacket on while passing through the scanner. Laptops and liquids can remain in carry-on baggage.

Also new with WestJet is the airline’s ability to issue electronic boarding passes for eligible passengers departing from any Canadian airport, with the exception of Calgary, to any US or international destination served by WestJet. Travellers flying from Calgary to US or international destinations will receive electronic boarding passes when the airport's new international terminal opens on 31 October 2016. Passengers flying from any US destination served by WestJet, as well as select international destinations served by WestJet, will also be able to receive electronic boarding passes.

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