WestJet facing class action lawsuit over sexual harassment and assault

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all current and former female flight attendants at WestJet, alleging that the company breached its employment contract with all female flight attendants by failing to create and maintain a workplace free from harassment.

This class action suit follows a separate lawsuit filed in March by former flight attendant Mandalena Lewis, which claimed that WestJet failed to properly investigate her report of a sexual assault.

Commenting on the class-action lawsuit, Emma Pullman, lead campaign strategist for SumOfUs.org issued a statement which read: “It’s very concerning that more and more women are coming forward with stories of sexual harassment at WestJet. According to former and current employees, WestJet has failed to acknowledge, prevent, or adequately address sexual harassment and assault within the airline.”

The statement continued: “Ultimately, Mr [Gregg] Sarestky [WestJet’s president and CEO] should take responsibility by resigning. WestJet needs new leadership to reform the company’s policies and create a safe work environment for all employees. Tens of thousands of Canadians – including WestJet customers, employees, shareholders and frequent flyers – are demanding change at WestJet and have called on WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky to resign. We will be watching to see that WestJet is tackling this seriously.”

More than 28,000 SumOfUs members in Canada have signed a petition calling for Saretsky to step down, and for the airline to institute comprehensive policies that reform reporting and prevention of sexual assault in the future. The signatories include customers, frequent flyers and shareholders.

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