WestJet and FAAB reach tentative agreement for flight attendants

Following negotiations between the WestJet Inflight leadership team and the Flight Attendant Association Board (FAAB), which began in May this year, the two parties have developed a tentative agreement to replace the flight attendants' memorandum of agreement, which will be available for WestJet flight attendants to review from 31 October.
Tyson Matheson, VP of the WestJet Inflight leadership team, announced, “We were looking to accomplish several ambitious goals with WestJet's first flight attendant agreement, including industry-leading total compensation with competitive work rules, standardised processes that flight attendants can trust and a framework to continue open and honest dialogue between WestJetters.”
“Our goal throughout the process was to offer a tremendously fair and balanced agreement for everyone involved,” added Anthony Pascale, chair of FAAB. “From the beginning, our focus has been on the interests of our people, and on building a sustainable process that allows us to move forward together. I firmly believe this focus has resulted in an industry-leading proposal.”
Voting will take place from 10 November. WestJet and FAAB have committed, in writing, to honour all facets of the tentative agreement, which covers a five-year term, and changes may only be made through negotiations with flight attendants. There is also a clear and enforceable dispute resolution process in place.

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