Volotea tests Hyper RM revenue management system

Volotea is carrying out trials with Yieldr’s new revenue management system, Hyper RM, and reports that although the trial is only in its early stages, it has already witnessed a 25% increase in booking volume.
Alex De Jesus, Volotea’s CIO, commented, “The unique integration allowed us to activate our first-party data. We were able to significantly boost our revenue by increasing load factor and eliminating waste.”
Going forward, both Volotea and Yieldr hope to see an increase in revenue per available seat kilometre (RASK).
Hyper RM identifies products which are underselling and targets them with extra media pressure. User segments with high purchase intent are sought out using transaction history, meta-searches and other customer loyalty data points. The customers identified are then sent personalised messages encouraging them to buy the underselling products.
“The early results are very promising, but this is only the beginning,” remarked Mendel Senf, Yieldr’s CEO. “The unique feature of our Hyper RM solution is its flexibility. We’re able to tailor campaigns to vertical specific business rules and optimise on KPIs unique to the needs of our advertisers.”

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