Volaris to roll out EFBs using SITA’s Managed Mobile Devices solution

Volaris is deploying iPads across its entire fleet for use as electronic flight bags (EFBs) with SITA’s Managed Mobile Devices service.
The airline has ordered more than 600 iPads, one for each pilot. Digital information will be stored on SITA’s ATI Cloud. Pilots can access SITA’s service from any one of Volaris’ 61 destinations, and the update procedure is very straightforward for the flight operations team.Eduardo Lasala, network operations director, Volaris, explained, “Our key priorities are safety, increasing efficiency and reducing cost, combined with a commitment to reduce our fuel burn. Together with SITA we have streamlined the way we provide our pilots with the information they need. This gives us significant operational savings because we no longer need to deliver paper updates to each pilot and we are also benefiting by saving fuel across our ever-expanding fleet.”The iPads are controlled by software that enables the airline to establish access rights for pilots, ensuring the tablets are only used as intended. The system also has the ability to track who has been assigned a device and monitor their usage, providing electronic signatures, for example, to show pilots have read the required documents.“Enterprises in every sector are deploying mobile devices because they are simple to use and deliver huge efficiencies,” continued Alex Covarrubias, VP Latin America and the Caribbean, SITA. “We make the process of sourcing and managing devices very straightforward for airlines and airports by handling the full lifecycle, from purchase and delivery to activation, maintenance, repair and replacement. That includes local operational support on the ground, in this case in Mexico.”

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