Volaris feels heat from oil price

Mexican ultra-low-fare carrier Volaris has had to up its ticket prices for both domestic and international flights due to rising oil prices.

The airline said it has had to implement minimum increases to counter rising energy costs, with jet fuel representing about 30% of its costs. Volaris is increasing its base fares by 50 pesos on domestic routes, and US$5 to international destinations, starting on 17 May.

“With the aim of consolidating our ultra-low-cost model in the face of the abrupt rise in oil prices and, therefore, the jet fuel that represents approximately 30% of our costs, we are forced to increase our base fares in a minimal way to guarantee that our costs are stabilised,” said Enrique Beltranena, executive president and CEO.

The airline added that it will maintain its commitment to offer the lowest fares on its routes. It currently has 308 daily flights on 165 routes, to 92 domestic and 73 international destinations.


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