VivaAerobus selects AvFinity for APIS message filings

VivaAerobus is now using AvFinity APIS Messaging Services for filing passenger manifests into US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for its international flights into multiple US cities.

All airlines entering or leaving the United States must file passenger and crew manifests with CBP to comply with the country’s Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) regulations. CBP and the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) check APIS data against their own and other law enforcement databases to secure the safety of air passengers.

When using AvFinity APIS Messaging Services, VivaAerobus sends passenger information via CBP’s APIS Advance Quick Query (AQQ) program. With AQQ, airlines receive a vetting response from CBP on each passenger’s APIS data within seconds. The benefit to airlines is a more efficient boarding process that fulfils all security requirements of the CBP APIS programme while keeping flight schedules on time.

AvFinity says its patented ÆON software technology moves airlines away from legacy aviation messaging systems and toward the flexibility and openness of a communications system under each airline’s control.

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