Virgin America now using Nimsoft business monitoring software

Nimsoft has announced that Virgin America has implemented the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) to monitor its entire infrastructure, as well as the end-user performance of critical applications.

NMS reporting and dashboards provide executives insight into service delivery, translating IT performance into a clear view of business processes.

NMS is replacing Virgin America’s existing point monitoring solution and, according to the company, provides richer functionality and unified monitoring capabilities. By implementing NMS, the IT organisation at Virgin America “can proactively monitor critical systems and provide better management and response times to potential issues”.

"Virgin America has been growing since its founding, adding more airports and serving more guests," said Ravi Simhambhatla, Virgin America chief information officer. "With a more diverse and extensive infrastructure, we outgrew our existing point solution, and were looking to upgrade to a fully supported, enterprise-class monitoring solution. NMS offers tremendous ease of use and a rich feature set that is ideal for our business requirements, without the high cost."

"Virgin America is on the cutting edge of airline innovation and technology, so it’s fitting that the company selected Nimsoft to watch over its most critical systems and applications," declared Gary Read, senior vice-president and general manager of the Nimsoft business unit at CA. "With NMS, the company can accommodate the growth of its infrastructure without a significant resource increase. NMS provides automated alerting, informative dashboards and granular insight into Virgin’s critical systems, enabling faster response time to incidents and proactive infrastructure management and troubleshooting."

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