Virgin America alters bag charges

Virgin America has announced changes to its baggage fees with a $5 increase for each checked bag after any allowances have been taken into account.

For all bookings made on or after 12 February 2010, for travel on or after 1 March 2010, the airline has changed its baggage fee to a flat $25 rate for all checked items (excluding the first and second bag for First Class travellers; and the first bag for Main Cabin Select and Main Cabin Refundable Fare travellers). Previously, the airline’s fee was $20 for these checked items. Virgin America maintains one of the most generous first bag weight limits in the industry – up to 70 lb.

Passengers who bought before 12 February or who book and travel before 1 March 2010, will be charged per the airline’s previous bag fee rate. Checked bag charges can be paid when during check-in at airport kiosks, on-line or at any airport ticket counter.

All weight and size policies remain the same, and the airline’s carry-on baggage policy has not changed.

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