Update on LAM E190 accident

LAM Mozambique Airlines has given an update on flight TM470 which crashed in Namibia.
Recovery teams from LAM and Kenyon International have arrived in Namibia and are heading to the accident site.
The Namibian and LAM recovery teams have begun to search for and recover the victims’ remains and their personal effects in order to identify the deceased.
LAM says it remains focussed on addressing the immediate needs of the victims’ families. Its family assistance teams in Maputo and Luanda are continuing to update the families and loved ones on the status of the recovery operation.
LAM has also begun making arrangements for a memorial service for the families, loved ones, friends and colleagues of everyone who was onboard TM470. The 27 passengers were citizens of the following countries – Mozambique (10); Angola (9); Portugal (5); France (1); People’s Republic of China (1); and Brazil (1). The crew comprised a captain, first officer, chief cabin attendant, two cabin attendants and a technician.
The captain had logged 9,053 flight hours. Of these, 1 395 hours were in command of an aircraft and 2 520 hours flying the Embraer 190. He received his command on 12 April 2012. His most recent flight medical check was on 2 September 2013.
The first officer had logged 1 418 flight hours. Of these, 108 hours were on the Embraer 190. His most recent proficiency check was on 8 September 2013. His most recent flight medical check was on 28 September 2013. Both of pilots held valid Airline Transport Pilots licences.
The aircraft, with the Mozambique registration C9-EMC, and both engines had logged 2,905 flights hours in 1,877 flights. The aircraft and engines underwent their last prescribed check on 28 November 2013. This was a routine maintenance inspection carried out every 14 days or every 120 flight hours (whichever comes first).
In accordance with international aviation law, Namibia, as the country where the accident occurred, will lead the investigation. Civil Aviation Authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil and the US National Transportation Safety Board will also participate in the investigation.

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