United Express’s March and 1st quarter traffic figures released

United Airlines has reported preliminary operational results for the regional operations carried out under the United Express brand by wholly-owned subsidiaries and partners with capacity purchase agreements (CPAs) during March 2015 and the first quarter of the year (1Q15).

Revenue passenger miles (RPMs) in March totalled 2,131,560,000 comapred with last March’s figure of 2,349,957,000, a 9.3% decrease. Available seat miles (ASMs) were cut by 8.0% to 2,572,625,000 from 2,797,363,000 in March 2014.

The load factor for March 2015 of 82.9% was therefore 1.1 percentage points down from March 2014’s 84.0%. Meanwhile the rounded figure for number of passengers carried in March 2015 was 3,736,000 compared with 4,147,000 carried last March, a decrease of 9.9%.

RPMs for 1Q15 totalled 5,783,442,000, which was a decrease of 4.3% from 1Q14’s total of 6,046,262,000. ASMs in 1Q15 decreased by 3.7% to 7,144,227,000 from 7,419,130,000 in 1Q14.

The load factor for 1Q15 thus fell by 0.5 pp to 81.0%. The rounded number of passengers carried in 1Q15 was 10,144,000 compared with 10,671,000 in 1Q14, a decrease of 4.9%.

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