UK CAA Level D for Air Arabia’s Mechtronix A320 FFS

A full flight simulator (FFS) for an Airbus A320 – designed, manufactured and installed by Mechtronix Systems at Sharjah, UAE, to train Air Arabia pilots – has successfully achieved UK CAA Level D Qualification.

The FFS X A320 inspected and qualified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) becomes the sixth A320 simulator to be deployed since Mechtronix entered the Airbus simulation segment in 2008. The total number of full flight simulators now built or under production has reached 21 since the company began manufacturing FFSs in 2005.

Of the world’s leading civil aviation authorities, the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Canada and Spain are among those which have now qualified Mechtronix FFS X to Level D.

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