Travelport e-ticket database technology for Germanwings

Travelport has announced a new airline IT services partnership with Germanwings, which sees the Travelport ETDBase, an e-ticket database hosting service, being implemented by the carrier.

ETDBase is in use by airlines globally to store and manage electronic ticket data for online and interline e-ticketing. The system gives Germanwings the ability to accept electronic tickets created by Lufthansa and its accredited travel agencies for travel on Germanwings-operated flights.

“Germanwings is extremely satisfied with the speed and expertise with which Travelport brought us to market with this service,” noted Ognjen Zeric, vice-president, e-commerce, sales & distribution, Germanwings. “In today’s environment, proven e-ticket technologies are critical to partnerships, productivity, ROI (return on investment) and customer service. For this class of technology, we chose to partner with a very capable provider that has a leading global interline and online hub already in place.”

Travelport says that the ETDBase is more cost efficient for airlines than building their own databases, with the solution making interline connections a simple process, yet allowing carriers to maintain control over their own interline agreements.

In addition to storing and managing e-ticket data for online and interline electronic ticketing, the ETDBase interfaces with the Travelport E-Ticket Interchange, a global e-ticketing facility managing the exchange of interline electronic ticket messages between airline partners, including ground handlers. Airlines that use both the ETDBase and the E-Ticket Interchange have e-ticketing access to global distribution systems (GDS) worldwide and all other IET-enabled airlines.

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