TransAsia to take over V Air operations

From 1 October 2016, TransAsia Airways will suspend all services operated by its subsidiary, V Air, and merge them into its own services.
TransAsia Airways’ chairman, Vincent Lin, explained, “To speed up the restructuring process, TransAsia Airways will merge with V Air to effectively create synergy. Our management team will not only begin dealing with major issues such as company integration right awaybut also take good care of employees and passengers. I reiterate that we put safety first. TransAsia Airways’ commitment to aviation safety will only improve following the restructuring.”
TransAsia will carry over V Air’s routes to Chiang Mai (TPE-CNX) and Fukuoka (TPE-FUK), so passengers travelling on those routes will be transferred to TransAsia Airways flights by the end of August. An online form is available for passengers to apply for a refund before 15 September 2016.
V Air flights to Osaka and Okinawa will also be transferred to TransAsia Airways, with an online form for passengers to apply for a refund set to be active until 31 August 2016. Full fare refunds will apply to passengers who booked flights to Bangkok, Busan and Nagoya routes after 1 October 2016.
V Air operated its maiden flight on 17 December 2014 and has since flown over 580,000 passengers on nine routes.

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