Tigerair enforces stricter carry-on baggage rules

Following eight months of ‘penalty-free education’ for passengers exceeding Tigerair’s carry-on baggage measures, from 18 September the airline’s stricter enforcement will be put into effect.
Tigerair passengers who attempt to carry on any more than two bags weighing a combined total of over 10 kg or exceeding sizing requirements (54cm x 38cm x 23cm) will face a penalty charge, as well as being charged accordingly for having their baggage stored in the hold. However, the airline has agreed to discount the fee by 40% for the first three months to further educate its travellers.
Penalties are charged for sports equipment and excess baggage per kg after the 15 kg mark. It’s also more expensive for passengers on a flight time of longer than an hour and forty-five minutes.
“The airline has also recently invested in further website enhancements that allows passengers to add bags or buy excess baggage weight after booking their flight (up to four hours before travelling) to take advantage of the lowest bag charge,” commented Adam Rowe, commercial director for Tigerair Australia.
Tigerair will also send out reminders of the changes to those due to travel with Tigerair in the coming weeks.
Rowe continued, “The majority of people understand and support these requirements as there is only a finite amount of overhead locker space available and fellow passenger safety and comfort are key considerations, as is the considerable impact on the airline’s on-time performance when bags need to be transferred to the hold. From now on we are simply asking all passengers to play by the rules as there will be increased monitoring and the risk of a penalty charge for those that ignore them.”

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