Tentative Approval for Norwegian Air International to fly to the US

The US Department of Transportation has issued an order proposing to grant a foreign air carrier permit to Norwegian Air International, which when finalised will allow NAI to begin operations to the US, including the first-ever service between Boston and Cork, Ireland.

“A final approval, based on the Open Skies Agreement between the US and EU, will be win–win for consumers and the economy on both sides of the Atlantic,” declared CEO Bjørn Kjos of Norwegian Group. “It will allow Norwegian to expand our US operations. Our continued presence in the US will create thousands of jobs and generate tens of millions of dollars of economic activity for the Group’s US destinations.”

Norwegian intends to continue hiring hundreds of American-based crewmembers, bring hundreds of thousands of European tourists to the United States, continue to offer the affordable fares for travellers in each direction and efficiently utilise an $18.5 billion order for aircraft from US manufacturer Boeing, comprising 149 737s and 787s. During the past seven years, Norwegian has taken delivery of 103 brand new Boeing aircraft either as direct purchases or on lease.

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