Tecnam P2012 Traveller completes maiden flight

The 11-seat Tecnam P2012 Traveller, which is due to enter into service with Cape Air, has achieved its maiden flight in Capua, Italy, under the control of experimental test pilot Lorenzo De Stefano.
“After a smooth take-off, I climbed to a safe height to perform our pre-planned manoeuvres to check the basic behaviour of the aircraft, engine and flight controls” De Stefano explained. “The aircraft responded exactly as expected. After a couple of circuits around the airfield, I landed and the Traveller stopped in a very short distance. I am really excited about the Traveller programme.”
Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s managing director, added, “Today we have witnessed the beginning of new era for Tecnam. This next-generation aeroplane will deliver to operators not only profitsbut reliability, efficiency and off course passenger comfort. The Tecnam design team have answered all these customer needs with the P2012 Traveller. We feel we are contributing to real innovation in aviation!”
The 11 seat P2012 Traveller is expected to supply a replacement for ‘heritage’ aircraft in the FAR23/CS23 category currently in service and offers the flexibility to act as a hydro, VIP, cargo shipping, parachuting or medevac aircraft.

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