Tech Mahindra becomes a supplier on CSeries health management system

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and Tech Mahindra have signed a deal for the latter to develop the Aircraft Ground Support System (AGSS) for Bombardier's Aircraft Health Management System (AHMS) for the CSeries aircraft family.The AGSS enables real-time and post-flight recorded data management, fault notification and diagnostic reporting. By utilising data recorded and transmitted from CSeries aircraft, the AHMS will allow operators to make sound decisions on aircraft performance and maintenance."Tech Mahindra's digital solutions are another key component in our AHMS as we approach entry into service and implement start-up strategies that will support our CSeries aircraft operators," said Todd Young, vice-president and general manager, customer services, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. "We're very pleased about this important collaboration with Tech Mahindra because the AGSS will facilitate the analysis of data and provide benefits to our customers throughout the life cycle of the CSeries aircraft."Tech Mahindra's digital solutions for the AHMS will involve Cloud Computing, Sensor, Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data technologies to perform deep analytics of the aircraft's health status.As previously announced by Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney's data service system will be the infrastructure unit used to perform data transmissions from the CSeries aircraft's onboard Health Management Unit (HMU) while on the ground.

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