Symbiotics assists CAE candidate selection for AirAsia MPL

Selection of air crew by CAE to operate AirAsia’s A320 aircraft is being supported using ADAPT, an assessment tool developed by human performance company Symbiotics.

ADAPT was used by CAE to help evaluate candidates for a beta programme to train AirAsia A320 pilots to ICAO standards for the Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL).

ADAPT has been developed to provide organisations with a detailed assessment of candidates not only covering their suitability for the role but also ability to self-manage the range of tasks they will have to perform in their future job and how they will fit into the culture of the organisation.

“We are delighted to be working with CAE on the selection process for future aircrew. The ADAPT system will enable AirAsia to be confident that they have selected the most appropriate candidates who will be able to complete the course and become assets to the airline in the future,” said Nikki Heath, chief executive of Symbiotics.

Symbiotics ADAPT is integrated into the CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS), a multidisciplinary, multi-step managed process which is equitable and unbiased. The CASS process is designed to address the needs of the airline, the flight school, and the cadet by enabling informed knowledge of a candidate’s "thinking and doing" simultaneously in a contextual environment and under stress.

Using a combination of specially trained observers and data from ADAPT’s computerised analysis, cadets and alternates were selected by a final selection board. In early March, the successful students began a 56-week programme which will qualify them to safely fly and operate a modern multi-engine, multi-crew, turbine-powered commercial aircraft in all expected operational environments.

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