Susi Air and Mechtronix to develop Grand Caravan simulator

Mechtronix Systems is to produce an FFT X for the Cessna Grand Caravan to support fleet expansion of Indonesian carrier Susi Air.

The second largest operator of the Grand Caravan in the world with a fleet of 30+ aircraft, Susi Air will improve its flight training capabilities by transferring courses from the actual aircraft to the simulator and reduce training costs by training pilots at its operations base. The new simulator, to be installed at Susi’s flight training facilities in Pangandaran in the fourth quarter of 2011, will be built in compliance with JAR-FSTD A FTD Level 2 and FNPT II MCC standards. Additionally, the Susi Air training centre will be equipped with an Ascent Flight Trainer C172 Garmin 1000.

“We were keen on freeing the two aircraft dedicated to training and offering top-quality training equipment to our pilots, especially as it will be our first simulator. Integrating this simulator into our flight training programme has become a necessity to support our 30-plus fleet of Grand Caravans,” explained Susi Pudjiastuti, Susi Air founder and CEO. “Moreover, this will be the first simulator representing this type of aircraft in Asia-Pacific; since our training centre is open to others, we trust we will be able to address the Caravan training requirements in the region.”

Susi Air COO Christian von Strombeck added, “Mechtronix is the only simulator manufacturer to offer the FFT X concept and train at home business model which perfectly fit into our requirements. They carefully listened to us from sales to engineering all along the discussion process. We have many operational constraints such as a mountainous landscape, tropical weather and simple land strips and Mechtronix took those into account in the specification of the FSTD. With our new simulator, Susi Air’s pilots will be able to practise all malfunctions and be better prepared for difficult landings which are frequent in the region for the above-mentioned reasons.”

“Airlines willing to train at home that do not have the financial resources to invest in a FFS have welcomed this business model as it enables them to train in a high fidelity environment at reasonable costs,” explained Mechtronix Systems president Xavier Hervé. “This is the first FFT X to replicate the Cessna Grand Caravan. Despite the economic downturn, the South East Asia Pacific region remains active and dynamic and we are delighted to add Indonesia as a country with Mechtronix simulators in operation.”

The FFT X replicates the Cessna Grand Caravan 208 flight deck and shows FFS-like quality and fidelity, featuring a new generation 3-DOF seat-based motion cueing system, high-end sound simulation system and an FFS instructor operating station tower. The device is equipped with a 3 channel 200 x 40° collimated cross cockpit viewing display system providing FFS-like visual fidelity.

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