SuperJet International signs SuperCare deal with Sky Aviation

SuperJet International (SJI) has announced a “SuperCare” Agreement with the launch customer for southeast Asia, Sky Aviation, for after-sales support of its SSJ100 fleet of up to 12 aircraft.

SJI will provide the Indonesian carrier with customised spares availability and maintenance/repair solutions of onboard equipment for a term of 10 years. The agreement is worth up to $57 million.

SuperCare is a comprehensive “per-flight-hour” programme developed by SJI with the aim of maximising aircraft availability to operators and optimising their maintenance and associated administrative costs.

“It is an important milestone which confirms the SuperJet international’s fundamental commitment and role in the SSJ100 programme,” stated Nazario Cauceglia, chief executive officer of SuperJet International. “Since the SSJ100 entry into service, we have been committed to ensure the maximum level of after-sales performance and aircraft availability.

“Similar SuperCare agreements were also signed in 2011 with other SSJ100 operators,” continued Cauceglia, “thus showing the added value of such an integrated lifecycle solution specifically designed for our valuable SSJ100 customers.”

“The SSJ100 is going to strengthen our existing fleet,” commented Krisman Tarigan, CEO of Sky Aviation. “The aircraft will be operated from the airport of Pekanbaru, Indonesia, which has a minimum runway length of 1,800 metres. We are sure it will allow Sky Aviation to increase revenues and passenger traffic. We also believe that SuperJet International represents a good partner for the after-sales support solutions they can offer along with a state-of-the-art product.”

SuperJet International is also providing Sky Aviation with flight crew, cabin crew and maintenance staff training courses, along with on-site support in Jakarta.

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