SuperJet International ready to train cabin crew

SuperJet International has reported that its CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) will be available at the SJI Training Centre located in Tessera-Venice by the end of July.

The trainer is currently under acceptance at the EDM (Electronic Design and Modelling) facility in Manchester, UK,.It accurately reproduces a section of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 design in terms of features and size in order to provide the realism required during training.

The CEET is designed to train flight attendants and pilots in CRM (crew resource management), as a door trainer, and in emergency flight procedures. The system simulates several anomalies including, for example, a door jam, the door handle’s locking or slide inflation failure.

Simulation of hidden fire/blaze is provided with six smoke and fire generators, with extinguishers have been placed inside the simulator.

The simulator is placed on a tilting platform support which simulates emergency evacuation with the nose landing gear or one of the main landing gears collapsed.

The CEET represents a further step forward in the implementation of training tools while waiting to start the SSJ100 entry into service.

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