Sunrise Airways to double Turks & Caicos frequency

Sunrise Airways plans to launch a second nonstop flight between Cap Haitien and Providenciales in the near future, building upon its once-daily service as part of the airline’s continuing commitment to strengthen business links between Haiti and the Turks & Caicos.

“The market has responded very favourably to our service over our first few weeks of operation,” reported Philippe Bayard, president of Sunrise Airways. “Strong passenger demand, positive feedback, and tremendous partnership among public and private sector tourism interests in both countries have us bullish on the prospects for incremental growth in terms of flights and business development targeting not just tourism, but other vertical industries, as well.”
“One of the areas where we really see great potential is agriculture,” said Hamish Davidson, COO of Sunrise Airways. “Our initial trade mission back in August uncovered some tremendous opportunities for farmers in Haiti to supply fresh produce to a whole new market of customers in the Turks & Caicos, particularly the many fine restaurants and hotels along Grace Bay, and elsewhere in Provo. We have ready suppliers here in Haiti and the demand is there. Our commitment is to bring the two sides together and help each community grow.”

“The growth potential in tourism that our flights create is readily apparent, but that’s not what Sunrise Airways is all about,” Davidson added. “Each community that welcomes us in, not only gets an airline, they also get a business development partner; one that’s keen on digging beneath the surface to identify the types of sustainable economic opportunities that help us thrive together.”

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