SunExpress to roll out new IFE platform

The leisure carrier, SunExpress, a joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, has partnered with Immfly to introduce a new in-flight entertainment system.

SunExpress Entertainment will be rolled out across the fleet of Boeing 737-800NG and MAX aircraft and will be personalised with an on-demand function through passengers’ mobile devices.

Passengers will be able to enjoy a range of entertainment modules in-flight, accessed by entering the Immfly Wi-Fi network on board through their own personal electronic devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop).

“We are happy to work together with Immfly on our in-flight entertainment system in the future,” said Peter Glade, commercial director of SunExpress. “Our guests’ experience is of paramount meaning to us, which is why we need a strong partner as Immfly by our side in order to offer a diverse entertainment program in line with additional services.”

As Immfly’s digital platform will be present in two markets, the company said it will count on international providers such as 20th Century FOX as well as local content from Turkey and Germany, respectively.

“In addition to only offering entertainment and flight information, Immfly works closely with SunExpress to perfectly fit their digitalisation strategy and enable SunExpress passengers to enjoy a digital seamless travel journey including the on-board experience,” said Vincent Tomasoni, chief customer and content officer at Immfly.

The platform also provides a ‘Your Destination’ section with guidance and tips for passengers about places to go, the lesser-known highlights of the city and the various activities to seek out after arrival. The section offers guides regarding transfer services, tours, and where and what to buy, covering the airline’s routes and in several languages.

The entertainment platform also provides practical information about the flight and an interactive 3D map of the route in the ‘Flight Info’ section that shows a real-time flight tracker to checkpoints of interest, the airline’s destination, the actual time at the destination, outside temperature, the aircraft’s altitude and speed as well as the arrival time. Passengers will also be informed about local weather conditions and forecasts at their final destination provided through The Weather Network.

Additionally, SunExpress’s catering and duty-free menus – SunCafe and SunShop – will be available on the digital platform. The airline plans to enhance this channel by allowing the passenger to select and pay for goods from the platform in a ‘self-service’ style and to choose to receive the order at their seat or from the galley.

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