Sun Country Airlines signs renewal agreement with GuestLogix

GuestLogix will continue to support Sun Country Airlines’ inflight food and beverage retailing as part of a three-year renewal agreement.The deal will also see GuestLogix replace the carrier’s traditional POS handheld devices with its iOS-version retail platform and payment peripherals for use with the iPhone 6 Plus. With the introduction of consumer grade devices, the airline can leverage the devices for other uses in future, including storage of digital flight manuals, training modules, and documenting various customer, aircraft and flight-related cases.Furthermore, Sun Country will deploy GuestLogix’s Global Payment Gateway to provide added fraud management capabilities.“Operating in a quickly changing landscape means looking to the future and assessing technologies that will support our evolving initiatives and customer service standards,” stated Eric Curry, VP sales and customer experience, Sun Country Airlines. “Enabling smooth, efficient, and secure payments for food and beverage retailing onboard our aircraft is the goal of our relationship with GuestLogix, and we have been pleased with the service we have received to date. We were happy to learn that GuestLogix offers the same level of payment security and flexibility via mobile retail platform and payment sleeve, and are excited to implement this advanced technology.”“GuestLogix is focused on the continuous development of innovative retail solutions that will meet the needs of our customers and the global passenger travel industry today and into the future,” continued John Gillberry, GuestLogix’s CEO. “By transitioning to our next-generation mobile point-of-sale solution, Sun Country will not only continue to leverage the industry’s most secure retail and payment solutions on the market, but ensures continued crew efficiency and focus on customer service excellence. We look forward to continuing to serve Sun Country’s retailing needs as well as to earning its ongoing trust, so the airline can remain focused on providing a memorable and pleasant experience to its passengers.”Sun Country Airlines first became a customer of GuestLogix in 2012.

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