Sumitomo delivers 1st MRJ landing gear to Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has received the first MRJ landing gear from Sumitomo Precision Products for use in function tests at the MRJ facility.

The landing gear includes components such as the shock strut, tyre assembly and braking system. Sumitomo Precision Products delivered this first landing gear after design and manufacturing phases following the engineering specifications issued by Mitsubishi Aircraft.

The landing gear will be loaded on the “iron bird” hydraulic and flight control system rig; the function test will be conducted at the test facility within Oye Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagoya. During the function test, basic mechanical movements and interfaces with electronic signals will be confirmed repeatedly to verify the durability of the landing gear.

The landing gear will not be used for the flight test aircraft, it is for in-house testing only. However, Mitsubishi Aircraft will be able to conduct advanced stages of tests on the iron bird preparing for the first flight.

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