STG achieves 6000th SafTGlo installation

STG Aerospace has delivered the 6000th kit of its SafTGlo photoluminescent (PL) system following a fleetwide order by Thai Airways.

Thai Airways made the largest ever order of SafTGlo last year, choosing the ColorMatch OC system for all A300-600, A330-300 and B747-400 models in the fleet; a total of 55 aircraft.

Peter Stokes, chief executive of STG Aerospace, happily declared, “Reaching 6000 sales of SafTGlo is an incredible milestone for STG. This installation reinforces the message that we are the leading provider of PL technology on commercial aircraft and operators recognise the cost-saving benefits of STG’s products. I’d like to thank all STG customers who have recognised the advantages of SafTGlo products.”

SafTGlo PL floorpath marking systems ‘store’ and simultaneously emit light giving highly visible emergency exit guidance for up to 16 hours in darkness, after a short period of ‘charging’ with normal cabin lighting. The system uses STG’s patented SuperSeal technology, which needs virtually no maintenance, saving airlines valuable time and money while offering a reliable, essential safety system.

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