SSJ100 completes static testing programme

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 has successfully completed the full scope of the on-ground strength testing programme required for certification which has been carried out at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), Zhukovsky.

The overall programme, developed by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, incorporated 58 test cases.

All the main aircraft parts, including fuselage, wing, vertical and horizontal stabilisers, lift devices, landing gear attachment points, pylon and power plant attachment points, as well as doors, flight deck and passenger cabin glazing and equipment fitting, have been subjected to extensive strength testing at TsAGI lab. The parts have been exposed to different loads up to 150% more than the normal operating conditions and SCAC reports that all aircraft components performed at the expected level.

“Thanks to the high professionalism of TsAGI and SCAC engineers, we managed to get all the data confirming the SSJ100 safety. The next step for SCAC will be to continue testing for further development of the SSJ100 product line,” commented Alexander Pimenov, SCAC’s vice-president, design & development.

“The static testing programme’s completion is a significant milestone. The results obtained by the on-ground strength testing allowed us to successfully test the aircraft strength performance in flight. The aircraft confirmed [that it will] maintain the required structural integrity. The prototypes have already accumulated 2072 hours from 842 flights,” noted SCAC’s president Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk.

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