SSJ100 completes engine water protection tests

Sukhoi Superjet 100 SN95003 has successfully completed the test programme aimed to evaluate engine protection against water jets from the runway.

The tests confirmed that APU and propulsion system sustain normal operation while running over a wet runway within the full range of modes preceding takeoff. The SSJ100 is therefore able to carry out safe takeoff and landing on runways covered with water.

The tests were conducted at Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company’s Zhukovsky-based flight test centre. A special 70 metre long, pool was constructed on the runway and filled with water to a depth of 40 mm.

The aircraft accomplished a total of 27 runs at speed ranging between 10 kt and 150 kt. Special attention was paid to low speed modes, take-off mode and maximum thrust reverser. The tests were monitored by Russian Certification Authorities experts.

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