SSJ100 completes emergency escape and rejected takeoff tests

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 has successfully completed emergency evacuation testing and rejected takeoff testing with maximum braking kinetic energy, both of which are vital to achieving final AR IAC certification.

In the emergency evacuation test, the requirement was to get all 98 volunteers of different age groups and five crew members off the aeroplane in 90 seconds. The tests were carried out in a darkened hangar of the Flight Test Centre in Zhukovsky under the supervision of AR IAC and EASA authorities. The results were evaluated through the synchronised video recording from the passenger cabin and outside each of the two emergency slides.

The tests demonstrated the aircraft complied with the requirements, 73 seconds having been taken for the safe evacuation of all passengers and crew.

Aircraft SN 95003 successfully completed the rejected takeoff with maximum braking kinetic energy test, designed to give an overall check of wheels, tyres and brakes at maximum possible braking speed. The braking speed parameters are set for the conditions of hot and high airport with maximum tailwind, with brakes at the start worn down to minimum thickness. The tests are also performed without using the thrust reverser.

During the rejected takeoff tests, SCAC’s chief test pilot Alexander Yablontsev slammed on brakes at a speed greater than 300km/h. The results demonstrated full compliance with EASA and AR IAC certification requirements, with no wheel fires occurring after full braking.

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