SSJ100 cold soak trials successfully completed

Sukhoi Superjet 100 SN 95004 has completed its cold soak trials in Yakutsk and returned to the Zhukovsky-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company flight test centre on the outskirts of Moscow.

Yakutsk, the sixth regional airport in Russia and CIS, where the SSJ100 has successfully performed its assigned flight test programme, hosted successful runs of standard procedures designed to warm up the aircraft after long-term parking of up to 17 hours (while the aircraft was exposed to temperatures that reached –41°?) with a further check of aircraft system performance and a launch of the APU and then the engines. These procedures involved standard ground service equipment.

Upon warm-up completion, a total of seven test flights, assigned to this trial batch, was delivered, demonstrating the smooth operation of all onboard systems after aircraft’s low temperature soak. SCAC’s team also assessed the influence of short-term parking on aircraft availability for the next take-off.

The batch of operational cold soak trials was performed to support aircraft operation on regular flights, demonstrating its readiness for operation under temperatures as low as –41°? with no tailored equipment or procedures involved. Later, upon receipt of the type certificate, additional trials will be held to extend the temperature operational limits.

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