SSJ100 certification nearing completion

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft reports that the Superjet 100 certification campaign is progressing towards completion, all major certification flight programmes having been accomplished with the prototypes recording 2,245 flight hours in 948 flights.

On 28 October, aircraft 95003 returned from Iceland after a month testing for operation in side winds, having fully confirmed its compliance with certification requirements at side wind speed up to 15 m/s. Keflavík International Airport is situated on the Atlantic coast of Iceland with runways are built at 90 degrees to each other, so no matter wh??h direction the wind blows, there is a side wind available for test landings.

Along with side wind testing, the aircraft has successfully performed a series of testing for CAT II landing, which is enough to get the Type Certification.

Meanwhile at the Zhukovsky flight test centre SCAC engineers have successfully completed air stairs and cargo compartment equipment testing.

“We’ve already gone through the most challenging testing certification programmes,” explained said Igor Vinogradov, SVP certification. “By our estimations our team has already covered 90% of the overall certification testing scope. Now we are finalising avionics safety failure testing, EMC, HIRF with emergency evacuation testing to follow.”

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