Spirit introduces new seats on A320s

Spirit Airlines has fitted Brice Seating’s new pre-reclined B3100 Featherweight Super Light seat to its new Airbus A320s.

The carrier says that these new leather seats with a greater recline built into the design offer comfort throughout the entire flight by them not being required to be put into a full upright position during takeoff and landing. The design, Spirit adds, also offers more space under the seat in front of the passenger.

The new seat is more than 30% lighter in weight than other seats. In fact, 178 seats on Spirit’s A320 weigh less than 145 seats on its A319. Fewer moving mechanisms also means less maintenance and fewer delays.

“Our customers are thrilled to be travelling on new planes with new seats,” says Spirit’s chief marketing officer Barry Biffle. “In addition to providing an even greater recline and more living space, the lightweight design substantially lowers our fuel consumption, which is one of our greatest operating costs. As a result, we can pass these cost savings along to our customers. Ultra low fares are what our customers have come to expect and what we continue to deliver.”

The new layout has a 28 inch seat pitch. Jerry Lalone, director of sales for manufacturers Brice, explained, "The B3100 Featherweight is designed to provide greater comfort for passengers with less seat weight. [Its] 28 inch pitch design actually affords more room for passengers and 20%-25% more under-seat space than other 30 inch pitch economy seats. The extra room, coupled with the fuel savings from less weight, make the B3100 a top pick for customer-oriented airlines.”

Spirit has taken delivery of two A320s this year with two more arriving in coming months. The new 178-seat A320 features 174 economy seats and four Big Front Seats.

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